What Sets Us Apart


Johnson Pediatric Dental offers comprehensive dental care with an emphasis on prevention for infants, children and teenagers. We are committed to building a foundation for our patients to have a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Johnson is a Pediatric Dental Specialist. Because we are a pediatric dental office, our routine and design may be somewhat different than most other dental offices because we cater only to children. Dr. Johnson and his staff have had extensive special training and experience in pediatric care. We not only have a desire to provide outstanding dental care for children, but also take pride in our ability to serve you and your child to the fullest extent.

Personal Care in a Fun and Relaxed Environment

Dr. Johnson is supported by a friendly and highly-skilled staff that is specifically trained in providing dental care for infants, children and adolescents. We have created a relaxing, child-friendly environment that will enhance your child's dental experience. Our goal is to have children enjoy going to the dentist and retain that same positive attitude into adulthood.

Treatment Safety

For the safety of our patients, all instruments in our office are either sterilized or discarded so there is no possibility of cross-contamination. We meet and exceed all current sterilization requirements and recommendations.

Also, to ensure that our patients are not consuming too much fluoride, we offer a fluoride test kit to parents who have wells at their homes. This test kit is sent to a laboratory so that the amount of fluoridation in your tap water can be measured.

Respectful of Your Time

We respect your valuable time and make every effort to limit waiting to an absolute minimum. We schedule appointments with the patient's best interest in mind – with extensive treatment and treatment of young patients scheduled for morning hours.